IPv6 for NBN Readiness, Telstra BigPond ISP

Telstra BigPond – Architecture, Online & Media

Telstra was the first Telco in Australia to implement IPv6 compatibility across all their internet PoP network.

This is a major dependency on the National Broadband Network (NBN) project which requires IPv6 compatibility across the entire network & this projects works in joint deployment.

The strategy selected was to deploy IPv4 and IPv6 “Dual Stack” across the BigPond cloud applications in circa 14 POP’s around Australia, so as to enable NBN dependency and later switch off the IPv4 legacy component.

Project resposnsibilties included delivery as above, but also acceptance through Operational Readiness gates which was mandatory for handover.

Applications in scope include DNS, AAA (authentication), E2E Mail, IT and Core Networks.

This is an application focused project with development passing through all the test gates (UAT, SIT etc), which requires infrastructure expertise (ie server, routing and firewall) for management towards final delivery.

Infrastructure components include F5, Cisco and Juniper.