Microsoft O365 Migration: SITA/SUEZ

At the time the company was known as SITA and was on the verge of internal transformation. With much going on in terms of corporate identity changes,  the project needed to remain highly focussed on clear and accurate documentation for assessment, justification and of course on detailed plans for later migration.

This was a Cloud Messaging Replacement project with a focus to replace the enterprise legacy Lotus Notes messaging system, with Microsoft’s Exchange platform using cloud based Office365 across Australia. This included the suite of Outlook365, OneDrive and Sharepoint.

As well as the migration of the application suite, there was also a need for network re-design to incorporate security and access layers.

The initial phase was feasibility with deliverable being the business case that included detailed costs and timeline for deployment. This was delivered late November as required.

Delivery partner was Ensyst who provided specialist Subject Matter Expertise.