DDoS Enhancement: Westpac Group

An exciting project in banking and finance sector, delivering an enhancement solution to Westpac Group DDoS security services.

The scope of the project was to the Enterprise Wide Westpac Group network (ie Westpac, St George, RAMS, Bankers Trust and Pacific Banking).

Partnering with Prolexic (later being bought by Akamai), the solution called for Layer 3 – 5 (Volume) as well as Layer 7 (Application) level protection that was state of the art.

This was a cloud based solution that helped Westpac Group realise savings in Operational expenditure (by moving costly infrastructure from a Capital Expense finance model to an Operational expenditure model) whilst also providing enhancement to online protection by utilising the most up to date technology available.

Although the Layer 3 to Layer 5 protection solution moved to the cloud, the Layer 7 protection was a hybrid Data Center / Cloud solution. Layer 7 Application Based Monitoring devices (ABM’s) were placed in Westpac’s highly secure and state of the art Data Centers.

On completion, the project deployed the solution across 8 Mission critical and Business critical Internet Routers, without a single incident, and within the 10% tolerance allowed for schedule and budget.