What we offer

Specialised Project Management & Direction

Believing that good project management can deliver anything, we have proven the transportability of Traditional & Hybrid PM Methodologies across diverse industries.

Professional Services

This extends beyond project management and into the realm of “Fit For Purpose” solutions that cater to the specific needs of your project. This may range from Executive level Steering Committee through to delivery of highly specialised technical solutions. Our professional services cater for Delivery however through alliances, we can also setup ongoing maintenance, support and monitoring.

End to End Management

Incorporating both the above, this relates to delivery of Total Business Services; Consultation and End to End Project Management incorporating Design and Implementation in Data Networks, Cloud, Communications and Security.

A few words about us

Total Business Solutions.
“The starting point of all achievement is desire…….” – Napoleon Hill .

Located in Sydney, EME Consulting is, by design, a boutique Contract Project management provider focused on providing “End to End Project and Professional Services” to corporate organisations and Enterprise.

This boutique nature, and our `Dynamic Workforce’ strategy means we are always `Right Sized’ to meet the project requirements in a nimble and agile way without added administration or internal bureaucracy. We prefer affiliations and alliances with the right expertise to execute any project and give you the deliverables that meet your specifications on-budget, on-time, every time!

This is referred to as End to End Management, and predominantly consists of ….

  • Security – Personal and property security consultation, service and deployment. IT, Information and Cyber Security consultation, service and deployment.
  • Communications – Consultation services incorporating sales, service and installations.
  • Computers Networks & Data – Consultation services, sales and installations incorporating the latest hardware, software and systems configurations.
  • Digital Media & Publishing – All design work required for business documentation and publishing, including banners, documents and internet marketing. Desktop publishing that extends to print & digital media and distribution is also provided.

EME Consulting is flexible, creative and committed to delivering on client specifications on every project.