End to End Project Management

In the context of End to End, the term refers to the project manager’s ability to maintain the required momentum through the full lifecycle of the project. This may include the Conceptual phases which will include the Inception of the Idea of the Objective itself, through to preparation of Business Case, securing the Seed or Full Funding as appropriate and Planning. Project Initiation will follow, then of course the Execution, Monitoring and Control which leads to the later Closure and Handover phases.

The process is about defining or setting the Objectives and Goals of the project, identifying and setting the Success Criteria, and Assign Roles and Responsibilities so that each resource knows their involvement – and Value.

Importantly, Quality Control measures are set to ensure that the project meets the specified Requirements and Standards ahead of Delivery.

All this helps to ensure Quality Project Delivery that meets both the Business and Technology outcomes.  

A typical cycle may look like below depending on the methodology;

Using the strategy of End to End Project Management, a good Project Manager can deliver anything! 

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