Project Management Specialization

In the IT Project Management space there are a number of specialist project services and definitions evolving that create niche project streams.

We have a distinction between for example a Business Project Manager and an IT or Technology Project Manager. Although there are definite differences in particular with Stakeholder Engagement and Management, and aspects of Reporting and Communications, there may be no difference in the methodologies for Execution, Delivery or Quality Assurance.

In recent times, a further specialty has appeared in Cyber Project Management as opposed to IT Security Project Management.

It’s true that the nuances of engagement and communication are of course areas of specialty and therefore there is a delineation, however the methods of deployments are in essence based upon the project methodology rather than the technical detail. 

So the question is “Can an IT Project Manager deliver a Cyber Project?”

Or for instance, “Can an IT Project Manager deliver a Business Project?”

We believe that a good project manager, with a diverse background that is deep and wide, added with good instincts and natural aptitude, can deliver anything!

Therefore the answer for us is YES!

However understandably, an adjustment in style will be called upon. The IT or Technology Project Manager delivering a purely Business project will need to ensure that their communication is far less technical, less loaded with jargon and more focused on the outcomes and objectives that the business is trying to achieve. 

The project manager’s ability to make that adjustment depends highly on their experience and either business or technology intelligence.

If we reverse that scenario above and say that a purely Business Project Manager who has spent their entire career in business transformation or business intelligence is attempting to deliver a Cisco network transformation, the adjustment will be impossible without a crash course in Cisco technology. And even then, difficult.

The best support for the project manager above, who does not have the technical experience is to assign a Subject Matter Expert to assist with the tech decisions and strategies.

Most project managers will rely on their training of methodologies and that will get them through. However a more powerful project professional, is one who can wear all hats required by the role and fill all gaps that exist in even the best resourced projects, if called upon.

Budgets are more often than not, less than ideal. Therefore, the luxury of SME’s or coordinators where needed is sometimes not a real world expectation.

A good project manager, with solid diverse experience can manage and deliver by depending on their learned skills (ie project methodologies of AGILE, PrinceII, PMBOK and ITIL), and by leveraging their experience of past projects. Good project managers, like all talented people also carry a sharp intuition and decision making power as their personal attributes.

Good communications skills, which include good listening skills, and are also inherent personal attributes and a mark of a mature project manager.

We believe therefore, that a good Project Manager can deliver anything! 

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