Training and Presentation Services

Training Services
Services include management and delivery of specialised training packages designed to suit your business educational needs. These include but are not limited to ..

  • Business Communications – Comprehensive training package that can be¬†directed at the First Line Manager or the Executive leader. This is designed to educate the group on “human representational systems” (ie how people receive information – Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and the newly emerging Internal Dialogue) and their sub-modalities. This is powerful knowledge and the programme provides real world practical solutions that can be placed in the work place to bring about more efficient communications between teams. This empowers the Team Leader or Executive to provide better leadership which in turn results in higher productivity for the corporation.
  • NLP in Business – NLP is fast becoming the system of choice for communication at all levels of human interaction. In the past NLP has been exclusively used by practitioners committed to helping their clients identify and overcome personal issues that held them back from their peak performance. Today, these skills are highly sought after by corporations wishing to implement that same Linguistic skill in producing a work environment that supports peak performance from self managed teams.
  • Technical – Training for all levels of technical skills across the Security, IT and Telecommunications Industries.These modules can be designed to be as specific or broad as required.
  • Personal Development – Group sessions and individual coaching can be provided for people who seek guidance towards specific goal setting and achievement. Also, specialised programmes for high powered executives who are looking for the edge towards their own peak performance in order to empower others in their team.

Presentation Services
Services include management and delivery of specialised presentations designed to suit your business needs.

Our team of speakers comprise of internal and affiliated speakers with wide experience in a variety of speaking engagements. All of these have been trained by some of the best training coaches in the industry including Brian Tracey and Tony Robbins.

Presentations are developed using your specifications and will ensure that the message you wish to deliver will be powerful, dynamic and understood.


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