Project Management Services

Believing that a good project manager can deliver anything, we have proven the transportability of traditional, modern and hybrid PM Methodologies across diverse industries.

These include ..

  • IT, Communications, Banking & Finance – Including Infrastructure Design, Layout and Cabling, Data Centre & Environmentals, Desktop and Software Deployments, Network Deployments, Transition & Transformation, Change Management.
  • IT Security and Cyber – SIEM Design & Integration, DDoS Integration and Configuration, Phishing Deployment and Campaigns, Threat Hunting Deployment and Analysis, Penetration Testing, Penetration Assessment and Ethical Hack, Vulnerability Management, Identity Management and Verification (IdM, IAM & IDV), Remote Access and Authentication, Network Security (inc IDS, IPS etc), ISO27001 Assessment.
  • Advertising/Marketing – Process Improvement, Change Management, delivery of advertising and marketing systems online.
  • Event Mgt – Model co-ordination and Event Management for various promotional projects
  • Personal Development – Document Management and Business Consultation for Peak Performance Projects

Our commitment is to execute and deliver any project to meet specifications on-time and on-budget, taking into account appropriate risk management measures and quality assurance.

Deliverables include ..

  • Conceptual, High Level and Detailed Designs of the project
  • Implementation Plans and Schedules
  • Determining the process for workflow
  • End to End Management of all phases (Pre, Implementation/Deployment, Post) inclusive of Gate Approvals and deliverables
  • Communications and Change Plan
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Executive / Steering Committee Presentation and Communications
  • Delivery & Validation
  • Operationalise and Handover to Operational Teams

Methodologies include ..

  • ITIL
  • Proprietary / Hybrid

To ensure quality at all levels of the project, our team will provide detailed documentation that identifies the client’s requirements and integrates those with the project phases. Checkpoints in Schedule Milestones and Review by Peer & Collaborating teams and Stakeholders ensures alignment and Quality Assurance between customer requirements and final delivery.

Completed Projects …

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