Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one of the most vital categories of security for your business.

Segregated from Information Security, Cyber Security works to develop strategies to proactively monitor and manage towards prevention of Cyber issues, and also in Defense so that a appropriate Rapid Response is delivered where a breach or threat has materialised.

Through associations and partnerships, we have access to the worlds’ best Cyber Products and Services along with industry proven experience and delivery.

These include ..

  • DDoS Mitigation – DDoS and DoS attacks are almost now eliminated from concern of any medium to large enterprise with the implementation of the Akamai Routed Solution. Known previously as the Prolexic Routed Solution prior to the acquisition of Prolexic by Akamai, this is the most sophisticated mitigation in the industry. This solution currently protects Government organisations, Bank and Finance organisations and Telco’s in Australia and the world amongst others. Our proven delivery capabilities in the most complex and political environments makes us delivery experts in this area.
  • Cyber Security Operating Centre –  Just like the Network Operating Centre (NOC) and Network Command Centre (NCC) are essential operational aspects of all large enterprise, a dedicated CSOC is fast becoming a necessity for monitoring and responding to Cyber threats. A CSOC can be built either OnPremises, or Cloud based or even a Hybrid of both. We delivered each, in complex Bank and Finance sector as well as Telco, Aviation and Airport. These include cloud based services offered by leading industry professional providers.
  • Network Access Control – A NAC system can be a corporation’s first level of defence against un-authorised access to systems and internal networks. Care must be taken to properly configure and scope an installation of NAC on an enterprise to ensure compliance of SOE checklist items as well as the security levels required to be met prior to being allowed system access. Our experience here includes environments of Bank and Finance, Telco and large Enterprise.
  • Threat Hunting and Threat Defense – Most time is spent in shielding from Spam, Virus and Malware infestations in a corporation, especially on the desktop and SOE devices as pert of EndPoint Protection. These are all appropriate and necessary inclusions in an SOE however the protection mechanism does not end there. Proactive Threat Hunt and Defense is becoming more vital to raise awareness of types of network connections, type of external pathways and data transmissions inbound and outbound from servers, desktops and systems. Solutions include on-premises appliances and in cloud services to ensure the health and protection of corporate assets. We use and recommend dedicated network visualisation systems as a start, and can build custom IDS and Threat Hunt solutions on top of that.
  • External / Internal Vulnerability Management – External hosts, or those that are internet facing, can be some of the most vulnerable in an organisation. Websites that were once used for marketing campaigns for example, that are no longer used and now left forgotten are a common target for young hackers and attackers. Even an attack that doesn’t yield the hacker highly sought after private information, for example defacing a website, can cause serious brand damage to the organisation. Placement of pornographic or offensive material under a corporate brand and logo for example, will always result in negative press and cause significant brand damage. Servers also can be compromised externally if their connection to the internet is made vulnerable by poor patch levels or configuration errors. Although less vulnerable, these issues are also concerns from inside the organisation. Therefore, External and / or Internal Vulnerability scans are recommended weekly, monthly or at worst case quarterly in order to understand the current state of the internet facing assets and be in position to manage or control the remediation to minimise the business impact. We have proven delivery capabilities in being able to integrate such systems in organisations that want to raise their capabilities with or without a NoC or CSOC presence.
  • Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hack – The balance of prevention and response to a breach is quite delicate, and the line between each very fine. In the most proactive manner, regular patching and vulnerability scanning is essential to understand the Current State of the desktop or Server fleet. However even up to date systems can be penetrated and taken over. Therefore, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hack for more specialised systems, should be part of any enterprise operating model. Solutions can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the business, however these can be performed as a once off, or via managed service.
  • Operational Technology Protection – A new evolving market where by Property and Building Management organisation see a growing need to integrate and protect their Building Technology. Specifically this refers to BMS and HVAC, plus CCTV, Fire, Lift Mgt, Lighting and other Smart Building Technologies. Traditionally these systems have been installed in a non-enterprise way, meaning low maturity by the metrics that apply to InfoTech. Typically there are no standards and even less quality control. These are un-managed, domestic grade kit rather than enterprise grade and present many vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can now be mitigated by the use of specialised cyber technologies to ensure that authenticated access is only to those authorised. Our specialty extends to network architecture redesign, integrated comms network (ICN) and the Cyber overlay to protect the building whilst locking down access.

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